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MicroStaffer - Medical Staffing Software

MicroStaffer - Remote Access for Clients, Staff and mobile devices and Online Application

MicroStaffer's optional remote access module allows you to give access to both your medical staff (i.d. nurses, aides, therapists etc.) and clients (nursing homes, hospitals, schools etc.).  It also serves as the gateway for access from mobile devices like your iPhone, iPad or other tablet or browser enabled mobile device.

And it includes a comprehensive online application for new employees that is directly tied into your MicroStaffer system.

Here are just few of the remote access features:
  • Comprehensice online web application.
  • Remote access for staff and clients to enter availbility, orders and check schedules.
  • Works on all tablets and smart phones.
  • On-Call access for in-house staff from tablet, smart phone or any browser including Mac.
  • The Sample MicroStaffer Web Module is located at:

MicroStaffer - Web Based Medical Staffing Software for Staffing and Scheduling Agencies
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