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MicroStaffer - Medical Staffing Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most commonly asked pre-sales questions about MicroStaffer.

1. What is MicroStaffer .NET?

MicroStaffer is a Medical Staffing software application and is available in both a Cloud/RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop) hosted and Self hosted version.  MicroStaffer is specifically designed for Medical Staffing and can be acccess for virutally any device such as Microsoft Windows PC, Mac, IPad & Iphone, Surface and Android based tablets.

With the Cloud hosted option you pay a monthly fee and access MicroStaffer over the internet using Windows, Mac OS and Android based devices.  There is no annual contract required and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for all hosting and setup fees.

With the Self hosted option you install the MicroStaffer database on your server and use either locally installed versions on your PC's or access MicroStaffer using Microsoft remote desktop services on your server.

2. What is the Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Application)?

The MicroStaffer system used Microsoft's latest RDP Client and App which can be downloaded from Windows, Mac or Android app stores.

3. Is MicroStaffer for Medical Staffing Agencies?

MicroStaffer is speficially designed for medical staffing such as allied, locum tenens, nurse staffing, home care and dental office supplemantal staffing.

4. Doew MicroStaffer offer testing?

MicroStaffer has built-in and seamless testing integration into Prophecy.  Create caregivers, send assessments, log results, view testing scores all from within MicroStaffer with direct integration to Prophecy testing.

5. Will MicroStaffer automatically keep me informed of my staff's upcoming accreditation and licensure expirations?

Being medical specific, MicroStaffer monitors all your staff's upcoming license, certifications, and health related expirations, and it alerts you at at the point of scheduling.

6. What type of training is offered?

We offer web based hourly training and you can also purchase training bundles at a discounted price.  MicroStaffer also comes with a 200+ page user manual and a fully comprehensive online Web based help system.

7. What do I need to install?

All that is required is the installation of the Microsoft Remote Desktop App.  For traditional Windows 7 or lower systems access is enabled via the custom MicroStaffer remote desktop icon.

8. How can our On-Call staff access the System?  What about Regional offices?

The Remote Desktop App will allow access from any Windows, Mac or Android based computer or tablet.

For self hosted systems you can configure remote access on your own servers.

9. We have several regional offices throughout the Country.  How can we separate each of these but still get company wide reports?

MicroStaffer's Regions option allows you to assign Employees, Clients and Users to user-defined regions.  Once assigned, users will only see employee, client and staffing information that pertains to their specific regions.  However, managers can log into MicroStaffer and get company wide reports. 

10. What about upgrades and backups?
All updates for  MicroStaffer Cloud based systems is done automatically.  No software to install.
Databases are backed up locally and remotely on a nightly basis and we also offer FTP access for you to make copies of your database.

For self-hosted systems, customers are responsible for backing up their own database.  Updates are published on the MicroStaffer Web Site upgrades page and can be installed at your discretion.

11. How quickly can I be up and running?

Your MicroStaffer .NET system can be set up in less than 1 hour.  Training usually takes place over 1-2 weeks after initial setup.

12. What are the system requirements to run MicroStaffer?

Any Windows, Mac or Android based computer or Tablet running the Microsoft Remote Desktop App or Microsoft Remote Desktop installed on Windows OS.

MicroStaffer - Web Based Medical Staffing Software for Staffing and Scheduling Agencies
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