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MicroStaffer - Medical Staffing Software

MicroStaffer - Scheduling

User freindly and intuitive staffing calendars are the core of MicroStaffer's scheduling component.

Calendar View

Staffing Sheet View


Just a few of the scheduling features:

  • Various point-and-click Staffing Calendars and Browsers.
  • Copying and pasting, drag-and-drop of orders and shifts.
  • Copy entire schedules, e-mail confirmations and schedules.
  • Instant skill and availability matching, seamless navigation.
  • Open multiple schedules at one time, color coded shifts.
  • Text messaing of sheduling chagnes and confirmations.
  • Real-time ticklers warning you of expired information, scheduling conflicts and incompatibilities.
The MicroStaffer Scheduling Calendar view gives you a quick and complete overview of your schedule on a shift basis for that individual client. It offers drag and drop capabilities to streamline the scheduling process by simply clicking on an individuals name, and dragging them to another shift and date on the calendar!
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