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MicroStaffer - Medical Staffing Software

MicroStaffer - Mail Merge Editor and Batch Processing

MicroStaffer's mail merge component allows you to create custom MS Word documents that can be used to create mass mailings for communicating with your staff.

Using a powerful built-in word processer you can create and then generate mass mail documents from various data souces within the system.
  1. The Mail Merge Editor in Edit Mode

    The Editor allows you to Create New Documents or Import Existing MS Word Documents that you may have already created.
    - Ability to insert Merge Fields
    - Insert tables, pictures, logos, headers, footers, date & time, page numbers etc.
    - Format paragraphs, fonts, styles etc.
    - Insert lists, bullets, footnotes, endnotes, Ole objects etc.

  2. The Mail Merge Editor in Merged Mode

    Below is a view of how the MicroStaffer Mail Merge Manager looks after the data has been merged into the Document.  Note the 'Credentialing Table' in the sample below.

    Merge data can be acquired throughout the system from Reports, Employee and Customer Setup Windows, Schedules, Tickler Windows and the Staffing Center to name but a few.

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