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MicroStaffer - Employee Setup

Being able to effectively manage and control the information for your staff is a critical part of managing and operating your staffing company.  MicroStaffer's user frendly tab layout makes entering and viewing staff information easy to learn and manage.

MicroStaffer's interface allows you an unparalleled ability to manage and retrieve critical information for your Employees (Nurses, Therapists, Aides etc.)

These are just a few of the capabilities that can be accessed from the employee setup window:

  • Enter information such as Licenses, References, Job History, Incompatibilities, Education, Insurance, Skills, Health Screenings, Certifications, their expirations, etc.
  • Create Custom Info fields for both Employees and Customers that flow into staffing and reports.
  • Ability to create and enable Ticklers that warn of expired dates for critical license information etc.
  • Ability to create your own resumes from Employee Profile data.
  • Scanning of Documents such as Resumes, Contracts etc. Import of MS Word document in RTF format.
  • E-Mailing of Documents, Resumes.
  • Entering text message numbers and direct text message sending.
  • Mailing label and form letter generation.
  • Contacts Manager for instant contact entry and retrieval.
Like every feature in MicroStaffer, the employee setup screen is user friendly and efficiently designed to make managing your staff fast and easy.

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