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Medical Staffing Software


MicroStaffer Web Hosted Systems

MicroStaffer Web Hosted Solutions gives our customers the capability to securely access their MicroStaffer system via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Anywhere, Anytime!  All you need is a computer with an internet connection to connect to your MicroStaffer system in real-time.  All of this without you having to maintain expensive and complex servers, networking equipment and dedicated staff to manage them.

Using Microsoft's New J-Script Windows 2010 Server Technology, MicroStaffer can be launched from any Internet Explorer browser running Windows XP or higher.  Or you can install the convenient MicroStaffer Web Desktop icon directly on your PC to run your MicroStaffer Hosted Web solution from any computer with an internet connection.  We provide 24/7 access with servers running 100% of the time.  Your data will be backed up daily and upgrades will be installed automatically.

This is just one of the many features of MicroStaffer Medical Staffing Software. If you would like more information, please contact our sales department by calling them at (800) 749-9973 or get access to our Web Hosted demo.

MicroStaffer PDA/Palm Web Access

MicroStaffer's  Web Access module allows PDA/Handheld access to Mission Critical Staffing and Scheduling tools that allow for Live and Real-Time access to MicroStaffer using your Blackberry©, Iphone© or any other smart palm web enabled device.  Using this Module, you and your staff will always be able to access from anywhere and have access to the most important functions in MicroStaffer :

  1. Add Orders and Shifts.
  2. Edit Shift Information
  3. Delete Shifts and/or orders.
  4. Enter Daily and Long Term Availabilities.
  5. Search Current Availabilities and perform Order Matching tasks.
  6. View Employee and Client Information.
  7. View and Edit Staffing Sheets and Schedules.
  8. Run Employee Lists.
  9. Run Customer Lists.

In essence the PDA Access feature in MicroStaffer's Web Module will give your night, weekend and out-of-office staff, complete access to MicroStaffer's key scheduling and staffing functions.


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